Friday, November 22, 2013

PhD "Hiatus"

So... It's been a couple years since I last posted.  Bleh.  So why am I posting now?
To reconnect, to reestablish.  I won't give up my love and passion for making art, although it's coming out in different ways, and keeping up with it will need more time management skills that I have yet to master.  And by the time I do in this PhD program, I should be done. ;)

In the mean while, I have produced a minor amount of art, one recent piece was actually for a project - a sketch of Woody Allen to make fun of his subject status when he's usually the artist.  The particular image I based the portrait on reminded me of a di Vinci angle, also with simple lighting for a black and white photo (the book cover to his collection of short stories, a great read).

I have been working on an acrylic piece on my photos from my time in Philadelphia, one of the bridges around the Schuylkil river and the boathouses.  I loved taking walks there. :)


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